LilyO's Custom Design Project

Your personal idea combined with LilyO's joie de vivre creates an artistic product nobody else has!



Product Details

      100% cotton tea towels soften with every wash

      21" x 30"

      Manufactured in India

      Color fast


       500 pieces          $8.50 per towel (minimum order)

       1000 pieces        $8.00 per towel       

       Pricing includes: preparatory sketches, final full size watercolor, manufacturing, direct to you shipping by ocean freight, duty fees.

Design Process

        You communicate your ideas to LilyO's artist Tom Vieth. Tom will work up several sketches and email images to you for comments.

        Based on your response and input, Tom will either create more sketches or start on the full size watercolor. 

        You will have another chance to view the image and give a thumbs-up or some suggestions.


                Susan Vieth at for more information.

Final Watercolor



Final Steps

You are under no financial obligation until you decide to have the towel printed. Once an image is approved production will start.  At this point, we will ask for a 30% deposit.

LilyO’s will contact you once we have an estimated ship date. Shipping dates are estimates as passing United States Customs is out of everyone’s control. If you prefer to have an air shipment, you will pay a supplement to the cost of ocean freight. All shipments are to be received by you.

We have had tremendous success with all of our tea towel collections and know that your creativity will bring great success to your custom LilyO's project.

Here is an example of how the final watercolor translates into a tea towel:

Final Watercolor

Final Watercolor

Final Tea Towel in a frame.

Final Tea Towel in a frame.

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