What a name can do....

We now know what not to name a half french dog.

Yes, we did name our dog Jolie, French for “pretty”. It sounded happy, and well, pretty, when we were in Vermont. Introductions in France were very funny those first few weeks. “Oh, your dog is so pretty,” says the short, elderly French woman.
“Yes she is,” replies Susan.
“What is her name?”
“Yes she is, what is her name?”
“She is Pretty”...
When the French folks finally get the name thing figured out, you can tell they’re thinking, “What idiot names their dog pretty? Don’t these Americans understand even this simple word?”  Jolie in the meantime would just jump and lick and wiggle around. There was never any chance of training her to sit when she met someone. She was encouraged to be her cutest, her prettiest. I suppose worse unconscious things have happened than naming a dog for a trait that makes her endearing.