The Air France Counter

How much do you say that dog weighs?

Getting a dog across the ocean.
First and foremost the pet and it’s traveling bag must weigh no more than 11 lbs. This would be just fine if we had selected a breed that was truly small. But we had the misfortune to fall in love with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and even though she is the runt she really wants to weigh 11lbs with out that dang bag. Weeks of slight decrease in food and exercise do little to get her weight where it is supposed to be.  Then comes flight day and the terrifying confrontation with Air France. Air France only employs beautiful women.  When it comes to rules, there is a direct relationship between degrees of beauty and the rigidity of rules. So we seek out the least beautiful woman at the long counter. We smile a lot and stand in a conciliatory way while they think about what they want to do. We desperately yearn for a major distraction (something more than a stuck zipper and less than a bomb) to break the spell of rules for the least beautiful woman. So far we have snuck by with a few extra ounces. Tom always says its just fine if we can get her over to France. After all, they can keep us out of France, but they can’t keep us in. I always have a sinking feeling when we get to those scales. Last, but not least in this foolishness is the special ticket counter where we have to pay a small fortune just to have the dog be the smallest carry-on item on the plane.  We need our heads examined. Or maybe we should move to France........